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We're very excited to announce our new Gallery and Printshop, hosted by, where you can view our photographs, and buy prints, posters, and photo-gifts.

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Botanical Collection - The style of these botanical photographs is shaped by influences ranging from traditional botanical illustration to modern abstract art, and focuses on close-up detail of flowers and foliage, on the sculptural properties of the subject, and on the vivid colour palette of the natural world.

Cityscape and Architechtural Collection - Cityscapes and architechtural images. Includes a series of Thames riverscapes taken on Christmas morning 2002, from Shad Thames.

Landscape Collection - A collection of landscape art photographs from around the world, including images of the UK, Mauritius and Australia.

Miscellaneous Collection - This collection gathers up a variety of unclassifiable photographs - 'Objets Trouvˇs', aerial photographs, and other unusual images. They're here because I find them beautiful, and I'd like to share them with you.

Seascape Collection - Seascape images from Mauritius and around the World, from bobbing boats to crashing waves.

Wildlife Collection - Photos of mammals, birds, and reptiles, both wild and domestic. Images from the UK and abroad.


Not finding the photos you're looking for?

Try the Minor Collections - Photos from Wimbledon 2002, the 2002 Jesus May Ball, the 2002 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race, CUSFS events, and others.


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These photos are © K. Stitt 2002-2005. Please contact me at for permission if you wish to use them. Some of these photos are available as art prints - if you're interested, please enquire on the address above.