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Most of these articles formed part of an old website I'm in the process of moving and updating. Despite being written between 1998 and 1999, about live issues of the day, so much of what they are about seems doubly pertinent today, despite what seem like world-changing events intervening.

Politics, Society and Culture

Communism and Star Trek - Is the Federation the Ultimate Communist State?
A critical review of the social and political background to the Star Trek series and films and their progression through time, with particular emphesis on the possible Marxist underpinnings of the series.

Opinion: Power, Outrage and Hypocrisy in America in the Wake of the Starr Report
A polemical piece written in 1998 about the political and social turmoil caused by the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal.

Opinion: US Global Media Control - Cultural Hegemony and World Domination
Another piece from 1998, this is a review of the spread of American cultural values through the entertainment media, and the effect that they have on world perceptions.

Opinion: Media Censorship in time of War
Though this was written about the Kosovo intervention in 1998 / 1999, it has as much to say about the recent US and UK involvement in Iraq - lessons learned since then, of course, but so much still the same...

Scientific and Medical Ethics

Opinion: Genetic Testing - Issues, Arguments, Ethics and Morality
Live issues in 1999 when this piece was written, concerns about the social and ethical aspects of ubiquitous genetic testing are even more pertinent today. Read on for a well researched and argued review of the pros and cons.


KyraDesign Photo Collection Kate's Pages More Opinion